Floating Debt Speculative Theory – If they trick you, just say no!

Ok now at this point, we must talk about what to do when people don’t follow the rules of my theory. Well I devised a system that if we all work together, will effectively destroy an country’s economy if that country doesn’t do the right thing. The trick is just saying no. What does this mean you ask? You simply don’t buy or sell anything from/to that country, imagine that you isolate a country economically, that country will soon loose power, the circle will reverse and that country will enter in crisis, of course to do that we would have to do it together, that mean standing together against the bully that would teach it a lesson no matter how big it turns out to be, together we’re strong like a mighty fagot.

fagot: a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel, a fascine, a torch, etc.

This post is a bit shorter because we have a case next time to analyze, don’t worry, we’re in the final lap of this trip, a few more posts and we’re done with this theme.

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