Floating Debt Speculative Theory – Case of Study: 12-3 Incident

In this case again we have again a problem of lack of English sources, but in this case I found some that speaks about exactly what I need so you can just check out the one in the end.

So, wanna know how a majority of people can surpass a minority government? You need to check the historical 12-3 Incident in Macau.

So what was that you might ask?

Long story short (you can read it in Portuguese here and here in a more official source), well back in the 60’s, the Macanese Chinese wanted to build a school related to the Communist Government in Macau, and Portuguese officers kept maintaining excuses in order to not to make official permissions, delaying the construction of the building. In 66 the Chinese build it anyway and the Government tried to stop it. Then in 3 of December (hence the name 12-3 Incident) the Chinese became so furious that they made a riot, a huge riot, which the Portuguese couldn’t control, in fact if wasn’t for the fact that Communist China stopped the invasion of Chinese forces, Macau could be occupied. So all the hell broke loose, and Portuguese started using force, so the Chinese adopted the “Policy of the 3 Nos“:

  1. No to paying taxes to the Portuguese
  2. No to selling goods to the Portuguese
  3. No providing services to the Portuguese

After a while, and after intense negotiations, the Portuguese were forced to admit they weren’t the legit owners of Macau, effectively the first of many steps of transitioning the territory to China.

So what we could take from this? An effective majority has the power against the minority, and we are strong together, I only advocate no selling or buying from countries whose governments want to try my system to collect the benefits without fulfilling the obligations, but if it were to to all those, that country would be devastated. It is the most effective way to turn a circle of prosperity into one with lack of it.

Sorry if I sound like an extremist, and as always sorry for the long post, unfortunately this is not the 9gag, so, no potatoes.


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