Floating Debt Speculative Theory – FDST and Gambling/Lotteries

Today I would like to start with a small excerpt from my draft:

Gambling and lotteries are living proof that the Floating Debt can work. Billions are moved every week for public lotteries and gambling around the world. Even things like private lotteries and pyramid schemes prove the existence of a lot of money in the peopleĀ“s hands. Famous companies such as Herbalife are substantially richer due to the readiness of people to invest.

Another example would be the city of Las Vegas in Nevada, USA. It is a city in the desert with few arable land and scarce water resources. And so the water must be obtained for places at great distances and miles of the city (most notably in the Sierra Nevada). However it is a thriving city with a lot of money being handled. This is because, in general, people believe in the power of luck. The right moment is prosperity and life change. This can accommodate someone for life and everything is in the hands of randomness.

This money, which is favorable to change, does not come from millionaires but [from the normal] people who also play. One million people lose in order for one to win. That is why the author firmly believes that if there is money in the pocket of a person to invest in randomness, there is also money to invest in a situation that can change the world.

Another situation that the author firmly believes in, is that public lottery and gambling, that despite being very addictive and fun are not essential, can be redirected to resolve difficult situations. As for private lotteries, the author being a person who doesn’t like meddle nor dictate anyone’s business, feels that these should not be disturbed and like any other business should be protected by the state, under the laws thereof.

So basically what I am saying here is, if you don’t believe there’s money to invest in a scheme like mine, you should look at gambling and lotteries. I mean lots of money is invested on those things. Better to invest on a better retirement than wasting on one in a million chance of winning.

It is just a matter of statistics, and for the sake of keeping things interesting, I translated a Brazilian video that explains just that:

If you watched the video you now understand that playing gambling games is just pure foolishness, because you always keep loosing.

But hey, I’m not telling you how to live your life, in many countries lotteries profits go to provide services to the community, financing young people, athletes, etc, etc. I’m just saying you could so much better with your own money, and I don’t mean investing in my ideas, I know I’m the party-pooper here, but you could go right now to your bank and set up a retirement plan. Let me tell you a secret, in most parts of the “civilized” world, the social security is becoming too overburdened because society is getting older and there’s not enough youngsters to pay for the elderly pensions.

But I am missing the point, the point is, these latter posts served to prove that YOU HAVEĀ THE MANPOWER AND ECONOMIC POWER TO SOLVE THE CRISIS, YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THE WILL.

Sorry for the caps-lock, just emphasizing. And as always, sorry for the long post.

Ps: I know I said, I wouldn’t mess with the private gambling industry, it would be unethical to mess with someone’s bread, but of course, I try to sensitize you not to gamble in any circumstances. I hope the message is clear.

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