Floating Debt Speculative Theory – Selective Consumerism and Investment / Socio-Economics of FDST

Now, we’re really close to the end, we’re in the penultimate post I’ll do about this.

Now, you’re must be wondering, is there any alternative to what I say to improve a country, or even a mid way so you can help a big country to help the small countries. Well, there is. I’m talking about Selective Consumerism. So what’s Selective Consumerism, you might ask?

Well let’s break it into parts:

Consumerism: the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable; also: a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods


Selective consumerism, is basically the habit of buying out things over and over, but the catch is, you discriminate those products by nationality.

And you must be thinking now, I am some kind of right-wing extremist capitalist, I am not, in fact my favorite political system is Nordic Socialism. But since like I said from the beginning, this is a fix-it for capitalistic crises and not a permanent solution, my idea despite being counter-intuitive will work like charm.

Let’s talk about American oranges, for example, if everyone decided to eat just American oranges, the orange farms would have prosperity, they would pay taxes, those taxes would be used to invest in their country and later the American would be in better shape, being such a big economy, they would later invest, markets would rise, investors in the whole world would be less skeptic and prosperity would spread to other countries, thus inverting the circle, and all you did was eating American oranges. Of course that is just one example, it would take much more than oranges (it should be tvs, oranges, rice, wood, whatever), and would affect much more than one Economy, it would affect the middle man. But it would reverse the circle and create Economic Happiness.

Now about Selective Investment, this is basically the same ordeal, here, I took the liberty of taking this excerpt from the book-draft I made:

Selective Investment is the name given to Selective Consumerism when it is applied by industry and governments. Is the name of investment given by one or more industries (and/or governments) to someone’s country. Many agreements may be made under Selective Investment since it’s a concept that considers quality and relates it to a nationality. You can handle, do business, establish contracts, set terms, etc, etc, etc. It creates wealth and Economic Happiness.

Basically your Government can also invest on a big Economy, and even apply some of the ideas I spoke before, for example de 3 Debts. And it could profit a lot! Big companies can do it, even small ones, even you, I won’t speak more about this, because I dedicated many posts about ways that could be created, so that you can invest in a country.

Now a bit of Socio-Economics.

I told you and you know it already, you have power, even if a little, and if we join in together we form a fagot of power (yeah I said fagot of power, pun intended), with that fagot of power we can be big, very big, bigger than you imagine. So it is really a mind hive that makes the decisions here, is that some of us just haven’t noticed it.

Like I wrote:

The whole society moves the economy as a collective brain. If someone feel less comfortable investing it will affect the people who know you and these people also know other people and so forth. This will create a mass effect. Massive fear will eventually end up being collective.

So if everyone is scared, no one is brave enough to make the first move and will result in stagnation. For fear of losing the property, you will try to preserve what is yours. But this nature is self-destructive. If a collective group is scared and the number of trades is inexistent, it will eventually consume what it has, therefore ultimately have nothing to trade when reaching the “poverty” level. And then occurs the realizations that is necessary to invest in this point because there is nothing to lose. Generosity was never the strongest suit of humanity and at this point everything is allowed and new rules may apply.

And with this I conclude this post, sorry for the long post.

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