Floating Debt Speculative Theory – “Break the circle!” and Conclusions

So I just came from editing the first post I’ve made about FDST (and first post on the blog). So what I can say about all of this. Well I can’t say much, I don’t recall telling this story, and if I did, sorry, when I first got this ideas in my mind, I was back in 2011 when I saw some guy in his 20’s promising on TV to solve the crisis. For me the solution is clear, we must create an alternative to capitalism, unfortunately, I don’t have the vision to create one, all I could do was a small draft with a sketch of a probable solution, and I don’t even know if I did good. When I first got this idea, I sent an e-mail to the White House just saying something like, “Hey, why not let everyone buy your debt, that way you would be without debt”, the answer was a pretty standard one. Later with a more formed idea, and 80-ish pages powerpoint in (a very badly written) English, I presented to to the Portuguese President, I sent an e-mail, and all I got was, “Blablabla, congratulations on the great academic work, blablabla” email, at this point I had dedicated 4 months to research and write the powerpoint, then there was some trouble, I lost the notepad with the research, and all that was left was a researched powerpoint with no research to point out. So I just stored it somewhere, and for two years I plain forgot about that, two years later I decided to translate a edit the powerpoints in a book form, I added some content, removed other, pretty standard. I presented my ideas to my teachers, they just loved it (thanks to my Economics teacher back then, Mrs. Raquel Pereira), and I spent the next two years trying to publish it. I got rejected so many times is not funny, but I believe my ideas, so that’s cool. One year and half after I publish this in my blog, and that’s the story

Ok so I’m done with the lame stuff, lets get to the good part. So, for now on, what will I do? Well I will try to reach as many people as I can. I’m a great fan of cracked.com , and I think I might write something about this there, I just have to somehow to resume this to 6 points and get approved. If that doesn’t work, I’ll think about other solutions. If you are somehow reading this, you can definitively help me out, by spreading these words, let’s see if at least my effort inspires somebody to do something better out of it. You can also help me out to “break the circle”, that means create a new solution to capitalism, that is not socialism or marxism-leninism. I have zero ideas right now, but I’m thinking about sketching a system close to socialism, but where you can get achieve a comfortable life like in capitalism without the consequences of both. Ahaha! I’m so funny! Still, you can give me any ideas you have.

For now that’s all, and thank you for reading.

Carlos Barros, 10 of December of 2016, Frankfurt-am-Main

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