The Art of Trollism – Act 1: What is Trollism?

So, I think I’ll be starting a new series here in my blog, this one a bit less serious and more relaxed.

So I decided to talk about philosophy. When I was in high school, we all had to have philosophy classes, even if I was majoring on sciences (biggest mistake of my life, but it was not completely my choice, one day I’ll tell the story). In Portugal you have to major in something in high school, the education is the same for all until the 9th grade, but when we enter in high school on the 10th grade we have to specialize. Anyway, despite all of this, there are some disciplines you couldn’t rid off in high school despite your major, those were Portuguese, English, and for the most Mathematics and Philosophy. So what happened is, most teachers I knew, didn’t know how to teach philosophy. Seriously, some were so monotone, they normally put all of the class sleeping, plus some students question less their meaning in life than the “How the fuck knowing what is Ad Hominem is going to put food on my table?”, despite all of this, I had an excellent teacher on my first year, who knew how to make people laugh, and knew that in order to make people interested, you have to make them thinking. So, I know exactly how to make people thinking about philosophy, because that teacher taught me.

Anyway, I loved the area, and, I was a great student, I could be a great philosopher if I chose that area. Unfortunately, philosophy doesn’t put food on your table or pays bills (not that being a writer and a translator makes so much also, but you get the idea), so I made up my mind and I decided to teach philosophy here, with a new series, called Trollism.

So what is Trollism? My own invention of course, I’m going to pick up some major arguments in philosophy and I’m going to explain them through my philosophy and show everyone that philosophy is not boring, it just needs to be adapted to the 21st century.

So Trollism is:

Cheap internet philosophy, made mostly by individuals with antisocial behavior, who are more concerned into making flamewars than discussions, and whose only purpose of life life is to amuse themselves with other’s rage than really giving a serious discussion.

The Encyclopedia Philosophica (a book I just made up), has this entry on trollism:

Trollism was a term invented by a internet troll named Zephirus (power name: Carlos Barros), an individual known for writing long texts in forums, mostly in a confusing manner that seems derived from some mental issue that prevents him to write concisely.


The individual seemed to have very little distinction from right or wrong, mostly writing things that were provocative, but with little perception of his acts. So when he made people angry, he mostly became outraged, seemingly without know how could his ideas be so outrageous and offensive. He seemed to thinking of his ideas as something normal for a person.

[…] He always spoke a lot about his life, the extent of the truthfulness of what he said will never be known, but he always spoke about his life in a melodramatic manner to people who didn’t ask and didn’t want to know about it, and he seemed to take pleasure on this despite innumerable advice against it […], his most featured excuse is that he suffered from Schizoid Personality Disorder (fact not confirmed, but very likely to be truthful) , and gave always that excuse as if it was reason enough for not having boundaries or a mental filter. For that reason he was not well-liked the majority of his peers.

His ideas, values and mentality are therefore perspired through the Trollism.

Ok, for now that’s all see you next!

Ps: I have a mental sketch of the next post, but because I have to work on research and writing I cannot tell you what I’m going to speak about next.


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