The Art of Trollism – Act 3: Feminism

Yeah I’m going to start with a very touchy subject, but you can’t do a great post without dealing with the big questions.

So to start off, I need you to forget I have a penis for a moment. Don’t worry, is just for this post. Is just because I don’t want you to judge my opinion as an opinion of a man, because I really believe I would have a similar opinion if I was a woman. I am speaking as a person here.

First, yes women along the centuries have been ostracized, and wasn’t until the last century women started to have the least bit of power in their decisions in western and eastern societies. Even today women are shunned for expressing wishes about having the same rights as men, and of course there’s rape, in many places rape is not even seen as a crime, I don’t remember exactly the name of that country (won’t search because doesn’t matter here), a man’s opinion is worth twice the woman’s one, so it is very unlikely any rape cases are persecuted in that country, also there’s the problem with marital rape, which even in modern countries like the U.S.A. is not considered a crime in some places.

I also believe women should have the exact same rights and obligations as men, and here’s the problem. But you can ask me right now: But Carlos, how come women having the same rights and obligations as men is a problem?

Good question!

For the same reason I’m not a feminist, and I don’t believe you should be it too.

But don’t burst into anger right now, at least let me explain. Is not because the word has feminine in it, nothing against that. The question is traditional feminism was about giving the same rights to women and men alike, the name feminism comes from the fact there was such an inequality to women, and as such the fight was more focused into empowering the women. So far, so good. And well, now there’s the part when I should speak about third wave feminism, but I am not. I really don’t believe in putting all feminist, women and men alike, into the same box, just because they were born mid “third wave”. There’s however, some strains feminism, too radical for me, and I believe those are starting to become too popular to me. And I really don’t want to discuss ultra-feminism in this series, this is more about giving my opinion on certain subjects, but for God’s sake, when you say that rape is whenever the women feels like somebody is raping her, you’re opening the door for a load of shitty talk.


Ok, maybe I used an example that was too extreme. But you get the point, right? You can’t claim you’re a feminist and then use your traditional role as the “weak sex” to play the victim.

So that’s the problem with feminism with me, some feminists want all the men’s privileges with none of the obligations. It is true that women are empowering themselves, and that’s good, however, for example, they do not have some of the obligations that men have in some places, like conscription. Women are able to join the military in many places, but not forced to. Just to name one example.

I know if my blog ever gets viral, I will be shunned by my viewers about feminism. Because I consider feminism too extreme to in some cases, because like in veganism, there’s something religious about feminism. But that’s another topic and another bout of rage. For now lets just say I don’t like when there women who reject other feminists because they are male, and are trying to use their privilege while they tell others to “check their privilege”, as if they are trying to get a new society where women rule men, instead of having the fabled equality of genders. And if you’re a feminist, don’t worry, you’re just fine, 97% of the times it is not about you I am talking about, you keep the good job I totally approve your job and ideals, to the other 3%, you’re trash and you’re the reason people like me don’t want to associate with the movement, my advice? Tone it down.

Ok, for now that’s all, here’s a swing to remember you the good old times:

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