Floating Debt Speculative Theory – Economic Happiness

My mood today is pretty good, in fact I’m just sitting here in a library at Goethe University in Frankfurt, listening to some very happy Brazilian music. I’ll share with you:

Also because Christmas is so nearby lets talk happy things, like Economic Happiness.

I’ll try to explain it in the simplest terms I can, you see everything in this world is connected to what you think and you feel. For example the song above probably makes you feel good.

And this song:

Probably makes you feel like partying. In fact its quite a long story, but this song “Paralyzer” by “finger eleven”, gives me serious mixed feelings, because of a huge story I have with this song (it’s kind of a long story, maybe one day I’ll tell). The point is, for a species that considers itself rational, we’re pretty irrational and with inclinations to function as a feeling-fueled mob. And here’s something you should know, every field is manipulated to make you feel just the right way towards certain subjects, and since everything is psychological (just like in the case of the music above). No wonder that fields like advertising highly influenced by psychology and psychiatry, I kid you not, Freud’s nephew used his uncle’s knowledge to advance so much in advertising that he became the “father of public relations and propaganda”, you should read some of his ideas, pretty much interesting. And is not just public relations and propaganda, economy is also influenced by the way you think.

I’ll give you an example, during the Euro Cup 2016 (which Portugal won), the Portuguese spend over 5 billion euros (sorry couldn’t find a source in English), with a 30% reinforcement when compared with same period the year before, that’s a big reinforcement for the Portuguese economy. Imagine Portugal is in mid of a great economic crisis, it wasn’t football that made that spent the money, it was the people, the people were happy to spend that kind of money, just because. There aren’t crisis and booms because of lack or excess of money, there are crisis and booms because are happy or unhappy with certain aspects of life, and again it all works in circle, if one family becomes depressed, the one next door will be soon. That’s because we’re social animals that feel empathy. And that’s Economic Happiness:

Economic Happiness, is a kind of collective feeling / psychological state of mind that makes society advance or stagnate. Each of these states are called Economic Moods.

Which leads me to a real important point in this article, the media have a huge impact on Economic Happiness. When you’re overflowed with news of disaster you will be depressed, you will invest less, you will spend less, and so all the economy. Do you know what would be a good case of study? See how people react during an economic crisis when they’re subjected only to optimistic news.

So when the next crisis fall, try pass a smile to all your friends and relatives, maybe the struggle will be lessened.


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